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Virtual PC 7

Friday 3rd December, 2004

Wow, it works just like a PC! Yuk, aren’t PC’s dreadful. I miss anti-aliased text. I miss crisp visual design. I hate bouncy, bright, “you’re an idiot” colour schemes. Was the GUI for Windows XP designed by Barney the Dinosaur?

However, I am having to live with it, and I can now see just how much work goes in to making a website useable on a PC. I begin to suspect that I’ve been poisoned by seeing how they should look in Safari. OK Safari has its faults, but boy are they minor.

As well as look and feel, we’re also talking functionality issues. Pop-up menus are failing to activate javascript calendars properly… at least I assume it’s a Javascript problem. Looks like I’m going to be busy for a while ;-)