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Fun With RPi, Brew, and Dell Zombies

Monday 9th September, 2013

The last two days have been fun. For various reasons, I’d been tasked with setting up the cheapest, simplest Minecraft server money can avoid buying. Queue comedy of errors…

First I tried running it on a Raspberry Pi. It is possible, but well, it was very v-e-r-y slow. At which point it was off down to the local PC Recycling Charity - £50 gets you a Dell Optiplex 745, which seems like a bargain. Longterm, I will reserve judgement.

One download of an Ubuntu Server .iso image, 12.0.4LTS, 20 minutes install, 30 minutes updating, installing java, and installing two flavours of minecraft server, and Robert is the maternal sibling.

The problem then came trying to install tmux on my MacBook. An hour spent unpicking various installs of Python, and re-installing dependents (such as octopress), and we’re back on an even keel.

Score at half time, Linux 1, MacOS 0.