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Thursday 11th July, 2013

Today I noticed that an anniversary had passed unnoticed. My first book was published in July 1992. Part of the ‘Macintosh Guide’ series from AddisonWesley, it was written as a work-through style manual for Word 5.1. Other books in the series, written by colleagues including Carol Atack and Michael Prochak, covered ClarisWorks and FileMaker Pro 2. But 21 Years? Surely not: must be a problem with the flux capacitor…

Interestingly, I’m part way through a new project creating some e-Books for FileMaker Pro 12. Which tells you (a) how quickly FileMaker churns through versions (18-month cycle?) and (b) how long it took me to get over the trauma of writing the last one. It wasn’t quite Douglas Adams: I was locked in a hotel by my publisher until it was finished,‚Ćbut‚Ćthere was no whisky. Hopefully, thanks to advances like Scrivener and iBooks, it might not be quite so painful a process this time.