Dyce & Sons

Helping businesses with IT since 1993

Consultancy Services

Providing Accompaniment

Our smaller client's like our 'Piano Lesson' approach. We visit you on-site, get you up and running with your Mac, PC or iPad, and work through your problem with you. You get the problem solved, and insight into how it was solved at the same time. Dyce & Sons charge a flat £50+VAT per hour, with a maximum of £500+VAT per day. For most small databases, two hours is more than enough time to get the job done. But if you need it, we're happy to come back once a week, once a month, or even once a year to get you to the next stage.

Offsite Consultancy

We're also happy to work hands off: give us the problem, and we'll come back with a solution.

  • Converting Excel sheets to multi-user databases.
  • FileMaker example files for solving particular problems.
  • Custom AppleScripts, and working AppleScript droplets for performing particular functions.
  • PHP script snippets, for basic dynamic websites.
  • MySQL database designs, for structuring a MySQL db for a custom website.
  • Remote access tips, and set-up workthrus.
  • Mini-manuals for training new staff for particular MacOS tasks; including Word, Excel, FileMaker, AppleScript. One of our main interests is web-based database applications. We can provide you with a full bespoke service, using standard open-source software – Apache, PHP, MySQL, and CSS.

Remote Access

We provide remote access systems support for MacOS-based companies. We advise on the initial hardware requirements, network setup, and software installation, and can optionally install these as well. Once you're up and running, we can fix most problems remotely, perform routine upgrades and maintenance, and do basic training. Our preferred solution is access via a secure VPN connection, and either Timbuktu or Apple Remote Desktop, but we will discuss other solutions if this is more suitable for you requirements. We charge by the hour, by the day, or on a retainer basis.